Nature Gnaws Wholesale | Nature Gnaws Whole Pig Ears (100 Count)
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Nature Gnaws Whole Pig Ears (100 Count)


– 100 Pig Ears in one case
– Whole Ear
– Gram Weight: 20-40g

Free Shipping – Standard Shipping 5-7 Business Days


Price per case: $130.00
Price per chew: $1.30
MSRP: $3.29
GM%: 60%


Our Whole Pig Ears are made with a single ingredient – 100% natural, grass-fed, free-range pork. That’s it. They are cleaned with water, oven baked and personally inspected and packaged by our team. We stick to our core values – Simple. Natural. Delicious. Not only do dogs love them, but they are low calorie, rich in lean protein and essential amino acids. And thanks to the firm texture of these tasty treats, they can help improve dog’s dental health by reducing plaque and tartar.

  • Unpackaged pig ears with no labels
  • Single Ingredient Pork
  • Daily Chewing Supports Dental Health
  • Natural Alternative to Rawhide
  • Long Lasting Entertainment


Pork Ears